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Type 7bis/65
Type 7bis/65
01.Type 8AT/100
02.TYPE 21W/35
03.Type 7bis/65
05.Type 5/60
06.Type 22W/35
07.Type 21B/35
08.Type 22B/35
09.Type 18TE/35
Savoretti snc

Pleasure boating, it is a well-known fact, is a sector that is mid-way between industry reason in terms of small numbers, where product customization is very
important. This is why Savoretti Armando & C. is a case apart.
This company, whose factory is located in Italy province Macerata, can manufacture almost 60,000 steering wheels for the nautical sector every year (57,000 in 2007), all of them being made following the customers’ specifications.
In order to attain such a result, the company has always paid particular attention to the search for materials (today they range from traditional wood to
polyurethane, to carbon fiber processes) and processes (particularly machinery with a fast production speed, but equally flexible working).
Established in 1965 by Armando Savoretti, this manufacturing company has steadily grown in terms of range and production. So, now the original premises, which cover about 3600 square meters, are no longer enough and the works have already started for a second unit of approximately 2600 square meters, which will be used as a storage place for raw materials and will open in early 2009. This expansion is partly the result of the increasing demand for steering wheels from foreign markets. Presently, Savoretti Armando & C. exports about 50 percent of its production to foreign markets, but this percentage
is steadily growing. This expansion is supported by a continuous research for and development of new models.
In the latest Genoa Boat Show, in fact, Savoretti Armando & C. presented as many as five new “nautical” steering wheels, each one featuring several versions. So, while two ranges of the new models are in wood only, the three other ranges can be made in wood or polyurethane in several colors.
All steering wheels are EC certified, a guarantee of the top quality of such products, which are all made in Italy.
Take the right route with Savoretti boats steering wheel.

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